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OLG is apparently experiencing challenges trying to sell the government online through its website. OLG, at the time of writing, has an online order system that requires the driver’s license and social security numbers to complete and pay for its products and services.  There are problems with the system, as some drivers’ licenses are not valid and others are not available on the site. The site is also not user friendly with the small font sizes of the page. Until the problem is fixed, drivers can either use other online shopping sites or use the old fashioned way, in which they can use their drivers’ licenses to get a physical ticket at a retailer or at a lottery agent. OLG first began to implement the self-service system back in late 2017, and it was initially available at select retailers in Sudbury and North Bay, and as of February, the services are now available at a few retailers in Algoma, Thunder Bay and Timmins. But perhaps due to the system issues, only a small percentage of the online orders are being filled, which means that in some areas, there is a limited choice of retailers that accept OLG’s online payment, and may not be able to fulfil driver’s’ license orders. And due to the system’s shortcomings, customers are getting frustrated by the long wait times and the slow delivery of their online tickets. Having to use the old-fashioned way of doing things or going to another outlet, you can decide which method you prefer.  OLG is trying to improve its system to make it more user friendly and to make more orders available. OLG is encouraging drivers to continue to use the system until the problems are solved, because it’s the only way for them to continue to receive lottery tickets, as there is no alternative. OLG has been testing different methods to deliver the tickets to drivers, including: *  * Mailing the tickets in advance *  * The use of a courier *  * Having the driver pick up the tickets at the retailer OLG has not revealed how it will solve its online system problems and drivers will likely have to wait for a while to find out more about the situation. OLG said the system is due for a relaunch this year. While the delays may make OLG a less-than-favorite business to shop online, a sho




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HD Online Player (selvanathan Tamil Movie Download Tamilrockers 2015 123)
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