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Two Years and Counting!

It is hard to believe! Two years ago we were remodeling our new space, excited and nervous to start a living this dream, and then the world shuts down. In some ways it

First semi delivery of green coffee beans

was a perfect way to spend our time, giving us something to do and a place to go. On the other hand, we had doubts wondering if it was even possible to start a new business in the midst of a pandemic. Yet here we are, two years later – and what a couple years it has been!

We’ve done our best to share our journey with you. We remember our first semi delivery of green beans! We are so thankful for Nate Finholdt, our landlord and now friend, for his willingness still today to help us in any way he can. We also believe he likes any opportunity to drive around on his skid-loader! 😀 Now we tend to pick up our own green beans at an importer in Minneapolis to save on shipping (shipping costs jumped from $180 to $750! Ouch!). A doable way to keep our costs down.

We shared with you the expanding into several HyVees around southern MN, sharing as we

rented booths at Rustic Mamas, The Steele County Free Fair, Carlos Creek Winery Grape Stomp and various craft shows. The excitement as we've expanded into boutiques and gift shops in other nearby communities. We’ve tried new things like wine and beer infused coffees and dreaming up fun class ideas to help share our passion for coffee. We shared the celebration of providing coffee for several community fundraisers and churches, partnering with OTB and Cool Wave Café in Waterville and so much more. Thank you for celebrating with us!

We probably haven’t been as good at sharing the stressors and challenges of owning a small business. It’s hard to know what to share. When we have weeks or months of low sales yet still having to cover the overhead expenses, worry and sleepless nights set in. The challenge of sales and marketing when neither of us are experienced at it. It’s trying to maintain a balanced home life, working our other jobs, and time away to visit family and friends is a challenge. This is in no way complaining and 100% our choice, we just never want to give the appearance that it's been effortless. Owning a small business is hard work and has opened our eyes to a whole new perspective and respect for those that do, and have done it for many years. Our hats are off to you!

We appreciate the support and encouragement of our local community. That too is part of owning a small business, working together to make each other better. As a business in our community, we enjoy buying from and using the services of our neighbors. We appreciate it when people buy our local product, and we do what we can to return that favor. Business variety is essential in all of our communities, and local keeps that going. Amazon and the big box stores won't keep the businesses in your communities going, and buying local will.

We do believe we are blessed and continue to trust that we are on the right path. We are

Our store - 435 26th St. NE, Owatonna, MN

encouraged by the wonderful customers that we’ve come to know. That is truly the best part of this whole adventure - getting to know our community! We love providing excellent specialty coffee and will continue to find new products for you to enjoy. Opening our doors for fun events and sharing our expertise of coffee with you has been so much fun and will continue to do that as well. So much more is possible and with your continued support we can make it happen - together!

We pray our mission, caring and community through coffee, shows in what we do. We truly care about this community and look forward to the journey that still lies ahead…including more delicious speciality coffee!

Scott and Pam Haglund, owners of Straight River Coffee

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