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Caring and Community Through Coffee

More than just a phrase, caring and community is at the core of Straight River Coffee. But who is in our community and how can we care for them? In reflecting on the start of Straight River Coffee, the goal was to have a positive impact on our community with coffee being the approach taken to do so. As we view community, there are a number of communities that we serve.

  • Our awesome customers! Through excellent customer service and a great product, our goal is to make your day a little better. Our customers include those in our surrounding towns as well as others across the United States.

  • Community space. COVID-19 messed with those plans, but we are eagerly awaiting the chance to provide a place to "hang out" and have conversations that matter.

  • Support of local businesses. Where Straight River Coffee buys its products and services matter. When we have a local option, we are using that option. Occasionally that costs us more (financially), but we are all better off in the long run - continued shopping options and the strength of the local community.

  • Local organizations. We have been blessed to help support local non-profits in their fundraising efforts. Our on-going non-profits we support are Rachel’s Light (home for women in transition) and Bar None Youth Ranch (provides horse instruction to young women, free of charge).

  • Coffee growers and importers. The price paid for coffee matters. The coffee producer receives very little of the coffee price. Due to this, Straight River Coffee has over half (and working toward 100%) of our coffee purchased as Fair Trade or at auction. This means the producer (grower) receives more for their product.

  • There is a lot of positive actions taking place by importers & exporters as well as producers to support positive change in the world. Female producers are being supported by purchasing certain types of coffee beans, while other efforts work toward sustainable growing efforts by stewardship of the land and the people working the land.

Straight River Coffee knows that where you buy your coffee matters. Our goal is to to provide an excellent product, but to also be a responsible steward of what we have been given.

Caring and community through coffee.

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