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Our Story

A coffee lover for decades, a coffee roaster since 2018....


Fond memories come from our first gourmet coffee before it was a "thing".  I can recall getting a gourmet roast in the skyway of St. Paul, MN in 1986.  From that point on, I was hooked on good coffee, something you want to drink not just something that is in your cup.  From that passion for good tasting coffee, that can shared with friends, came the idea for Straight River Coffee.

That same passion for community through coffee led me to share that experience with others.  Although not a long track record in roasting, I have experienced many great (and not so great) coffees over the years.  My goal is an excellent roast, leading to excellent conversations with others.


Support connections and ministries in which Straight River Coffee serves.


Be a welcoming, inclusive environment for the open discussion of ideas and struggles, providing a fresh product with exceptional quality.

Core Values

  • Following the example of Jesus Christ, be excellent in everything we do.

  • Provide honest, timely and reliable communication and service, respecting the customer and vendors in all interactions.

  • In partnership with the communities served, donating product and time to provide new opportunities for individuals.

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